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Getting a condo unit can be a pretty good investment since it is a highly sought-after product. It’s reliable, and many people want to own a condo unit. It’s likely to appreciate if the market is booming as well, but some people might be eyeing to get condos that have already been constructed.

While that is a relatively good option, investing in a pre-construction and pre-sale condo has its own benefits. For instance, people often purchase units that are still under construction so that they can make their own changes to the design.

Here are five additional reasons to consider getting a pre-construction condo as an investment.

1) The Potential for Extended Downpayment

In most cases, pre-construction units are marketed as a selling point for buyers, who can get their condos for a lower price and make changes to the design. There’s a discount involved for certain units, and there’s an extended period to pay the deposit.

Downpayment for a condo can be a little hefty to pay off, so paying the downpayment in installments while the unit is being constructed is quite a good thing to consider. By the time the condo is made, the unit’s deposit should be completed or even fully paid for.

2) The Opportunity for a Brand New Space

Some condo units for sale might have had a previous owner. But when you get a pre-construction condo, you get to design the entire unit from scratch. With a clean slate, the owner is given a chance to make changes to the unit’s design or to make any other changes so that the owner gets a completely customized condo.

3) The Possibility of a Prime Location

There are many condo units out there, but the property’s location is a major selling point for potential buyers. There are those who would want to get a property that is in a good location, and pre-construction units can sometimes come in prime property locations that should be near shopping districts and other areas.

4) The Hands-Off Experience

Another thing to consider is the hands-off experience when getting a condo unit. When you purchase a pre-construction condo unit, there’s no need to be involved in the construction of the condo or the apartment building.

With a pre-construction condo, everything is already set, and you can just wait for the unit to finish up and be ready for occupancy. Once the unit is done in the construction phase, enjoy living in the condo.

5) The Lack of Hassles in Transactions

Because the unit is not yet built at the time of purchase, property investors don’t have to worry about problems arising during the buying transaction. It’s a pretty straightforward process, and it’s easy to go through without any issues that may come up.

However, it’s best to research the condo unit and the developer to make sure that there are no issues with the unit or with the condo as a whole. Property investors should also coordinate with a professional service to smooth over everything.


Getting a pre-construction condo unit is definitely a great option for those who are looking for condos to buy. It’s a wise financial decision as long as you stay updated on the current market conditions before making a condo purchase.

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