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Date : 16/01/2020
Roger has the capabilities of tackling any task you throw at him. His technical abilities and customer service skills surpassed expectations and he was able to implement strategic plans to improve customer engagement.
Rick Kocurek
Date : 21/01/2020
I have had the pleasure of working with Roger throughout his career at EA. His positive attitude combined with his problem-solving skills makes him the perfect partner to work with.
Angela Jasper
Date : 03/02/2020
Roger has helped me numerous times during our time working together. Between helping with escalations and helping problem solve for my team, and myself he was always someone I could count on.
Anthony Kirby
Date : 10/02/2020
I had the pleasure to work and to get to know Roger. I found him very personable, professional and a great team player. He is dedicated and driven to providing excellent service to his clients.
Chris Chan
Date : 01/03/2020
Roger gets things done quickly and efficiently; removing superfluous blockages and acting as agatekeeper for unreasonable requests. Whenever I need anything from Roger it gets done.
Sunil Khatri
Date : 12/03/2020
If you are looking for a very patient and not pushy Realtor, you should contact Roger Rampuri. Not only he has great knowledge in Real Estate but also, he is a great guy! I recommend him for Real Estate.
Mandeep Arora
Date : 20/03/2020
Roger Rampuri, I met a few months back and I was very impressed by his professionalism and knowledge of the Real Estate industry, I highly recommend everyone to who is looking to buy or sell to work with him.
Amrit Singh

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